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Quinta do Pinto

Rather as Vienna’s wines are something of an afterthought to many in an Austrian context, so do the wines of Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, suffer occlusion from the bigger shadow thrown by the Douro, Dão and Vinho Verde. But, there are no fewer than ten sub-districts to this region and they offer an impressive variety of wines, from the commanding age-worthy reds of Colhares to the vivid wines of Alenquer. We were immediately struck by the authenticity of the wines here, which so clearly matches that of its proprietors, sisters Rita and Ana Cardoso Pinto. The vineyards are planted to no fewer than 27 varieties, both autochthonous and international, in clay and limestone soils on gentle slopes that enjoy a southern exposure. The proximity to the Atlantic confers a cool lift that is most welcome. Production methods are integrated and all yeasts are native. As you can see, patience is a watchword at this estate, as it is with so many of our favorites.
Quinta do Pinto
Alenquer appellation
City of Origin:
Owner Name:
Antonio Cardoso Pinto
Vineyard Size:
63 HA
Total Annual Production:

Property History:

Quinta do Pinto is a family owned and run estate committed to produce boutique wines with the expression of the atlantic coast on the Alenquer appellation. We have a collection of 27 grapes, planted on gentle slopes of clay limestone soils, with southern exposure, that benefit from the Atlantic influence and that are forwarded to the winery where they are fermented using only indigenous yeast, thus producing wines that are a true portrait of terroir wines that are bodied, have a beautiful natural acidity and minerality . Records show that the wines produced in this estate in the past century were so differentiated that they we worth one more Pinto coin – the vintém coin that was the currency at the time. Being Pinto our surname, this was a challenging coincidence for the family.

Owner History:

Cardoso Pinto family. Proprietor Antonio and his wife Ana. Daughters Rita and Ana work at the estate.

Wines By Quinta do Pinto
Quinta do Pinto

2011 Vinhos do Lasso Garrafeira Tinto

Quinta do Pinto

2021 Vinhas do Lasso Colheita Seleccionada White

Quinta do Pinto

2014 Estate Collection Red

Quinta do Pinto

2018 Estate Collection White

Quinta do Pinto

2015 Vinhos do Lasso Colheita Seleccionada Tinto

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