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Schloss Ortenberg

The Ortenau is a distinct sub-region centered around the ancient mid-sized town of Offenburg. The predominant soil-types here are granitic, with high sandstone outcroppings and loess. This estate has a fascinating history dating back to 1300. It is one of a handful of great German estates, such as the Juliusspital in Franken and the Vereinigte Hospitien in the Mosel, that are publicly owned – in this case by the municipality of Offenburg. Run with fastidious care by the young and dynamic Matthias Wolf, the vineyards are cultivated sustainably (think feromonal inteference instead of insecticides, organic fertilisation and composting). They were innovative in German terms by eliminating cork in 2004, and they offer employment to handicapped people in their vineyards. We have increased our range without exhausting anything like the possibilities here! With the 2016 vintage, they also have snazzy new packaging that highlights the soil types.
Schloss Ortenberg
Baden - Ortenau
City of Origin:
Date Founded:
Owner Name:
City of Offenburg, Ortenaukreis
Vineyard Size:
45 HA
Total Annual Production:
300,000 bottles

Property History:

The wine estate was founded as an part of the St. Andreas Hospice by the people of Offenburg. The aim was to support the hospice work which was mainly to run the local hospital and an old people's home. By the disturbances of World War II it became property of the city of Offenburg. In 1997 this wine estate got merged with the famous reserch wine estate Schloss Ortenberg which was within the property of the county of the ortenau. Today it is still under the ownership of the city of Offenburg and the Ortenau county.

Owner History:

History of the property

Wines By Schloss Ortenberg
Schloss Ortenberg

2022 Sauvignon Blanc "Granit"

Schloss Ortenberg

2016 Klingelberger (Riesling) Alte Reben (Baden)

Schloss Ortenberg

2021 Spaetburgunder "Granit"

Schloss Ortenberg

2013 Klingelberger (Riesling) Kabinett trocken (Baden)

Schloss Ortenberg

2015 Grauer Burgunder Alte Reben (Baden)

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