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This is the first producer we have worked with from the southerly Aube region since Fleury, back in the day. Jérôme is an impassioned man in his early forties who took over the family domaine at the age of 28 and decided to go in an independent direction. His particular story, unlike every other you will encounter, is that all his wines are made from one cépage, Pinot Noir, from one contiguous 6.5 hectare block of vineyards, “Largillier”, and from one year. Such an approach brings with it gains and risks, but we found the results quite thrilling. These are declamatory wines, endowed with the swell of fruit and power offered by the clay soils of this warm Côtes des Bars climat. They resemble nothing else that we offer and they are gratifyingly free from any adherence to fashion or trend. Jérôme supplements his income by pressing grapes for various customers. To this end, he has invested in the best Coquard presses that money can buy. The resulting finesse of the musts is palpable.

Jérôme Coessens


Jérôme Coessens
Cote des Bar
City of Origin:
Ville sur Arce
Date Founded:
Owner Name:
Jérôme Coessens
Vineyard Size:
Total Annual Production:
20,000 cases

Property History:

Since my family has owned vineyards in Ville-sur-Arce for 5 generations it was only natural that I decided to establish my own champagne house in 2006. We plough the soil under the vines to encourage the roots to delve deep into the ground and we grow grass between the rows in order to control the growth of the vines. All my champagnes come from a single region, La Côte des Bars, from a single plot called LARGILLIER (owned exclusively by my family) and from a single grape variety: Pinot Noir. In 2011 we undertook a number of excavations in Largillier and we discovered that the soil in this vineyard that is so dear to us, is a type called Kimmeridgian Marl. The soil, the sub soil and even the exposure, down to the very last detail, are exactly the same as in the very best areas of Chablis. The soil is made up of alternate layers of clay (which gives structure and body to the ‘attack’ on the palate) and layers of chalk from which the roots of the vines can draw their minerality (which accounts for the long finish of the wines). In more general terms, the soil in Largillier is a chalk and clay mix which is not very fertile and which restricts the energy and the development of the vines; as a result the grapes that are produced attain a high level of maturity with all the qualities to make a great wine. A taste that’s the pure expression of the soil it springs from.

Owner History:

In 2006,Jérôme COESSENS decided to set up his own business: Champagne Coessens. With seven years' experience as chef de culture for a large champagne group, Jérôme COESSENS found that creating a range of champagnes was a response to his deepest aspirations, of which it was the very proof. The vineyard covers six and a half hectares, and the wines are taken exclusively from one place: Largillier, a monopoly that is solely owned by the COESSENS family, which takes form it only the Pinot Noir varietal as well as vines that are 35 to 40 years old. Largillier soil has a high clay content, which gives the wine structure and body. The wines are aged using lees, from alcoholic fermentation to second fermentation. That is how he produces 6 champagnes and 2 coteaux champenois still red wines

Wines By Jérôme Coessens
Jérôme Coessens

N.V. Largillier Rosé Brut

Jérôme Coessens

N.V. "Les Sens Boisés" Brut

Jérôme Coessens

Jérôme Coessens M.V. "Exogyre" Brut

Jérôme Coessens

N.V. Largillier Brut

Jérôme Coessens

N.V. Largillier Brut Nature

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