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We weren't looking to add another Ribera del Duero producer to our portfolio, but when one of the few that is actually older than Valduero came knocking, we couldn't pass it up. The brothers Benjamin, Manuel and Adolfo Perez Pascuas established the winery in 1980, but their father Mauro actually planted grapes well before that. So, you have a well-established family business dedicated to top quality wines from all estate grapes featuring older vines. At about 2600 feet above sea level, these vines benefit from a wide diurnal temperature range, which preserves the acidity and hence freshness of the wines.

Perez Pascuas


Perez Pascuas
Ribera del Duero
City of Origin:
Pedrosa de Duero
Date Founded:
Owner Name:
Benjamin, Manuel, and Adolfo Perez Pascuas
Vineyard Size:
135 HA
Total Annual Production:

Property History:

Bodegs Hnos. Pérez Pascus is an exmple of well-consolidted cellar, family owner for 3 genertions, distinguishing itself by maintining in irreproachable personality in its wines year after year. This is a family cellar, which has focused on quality from its inception, with hard work at the vineyard, and intense winemaking process from start to finish. All grapes come from their own 333 acres of vineyards: 90% Tina Fino (Tempranillo) and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon. A great number of the vines are over twenty-five years old and grow on privledged soils.

Owner History:

In 1980, three brothers, Benjamin, Manuel, and Adolfo Perez Pascuas persuaded the excellent potential that was offered in the vineyards owned by their father Mauro decided to initiate a project. Their goal was to make one of the best wines in Spain and to make a dent in the international marketplace with their wines. This family cellar focuses on quality derived from its very beginnings and with much hard work and intense dedication.

Wines By Perez Pascuas
Perez Pascuas

1995 Vina Pedrosa Crianza

Perez Pascuas

2019 Ribera del Duero El Pedrosal

Perez Pascuas

2020 Ribera del Duero El Pedrosal

Perez Pascuas

2019 Ribera del Duero Crianza

Perez Pascuas

1994 Vina Pedrosal Crianza

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