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Established in 1990, this was the first certified organic estate in Crete. With its 4000 year-old wine culture, this magnificent island offers no shortage of unique indigenous grape varieties, which are what we have chosen to feature here. The winery itself is intelligently constructed into a hillside, which offers natural insulation and the valuable possibility to move everything by gravity. Giorgios Paterianakis makes an impressive array of wines for a modestly sized estate. His oldest daughter Emanouella is impatient to take over, however, and is brimming with innovative ideas, including the adoption of biodynamic practices. A recent visit left us filled with excitement and optimism for the future of this outstanding estate.
Female Winemaker
City of Origin:
Date Founded:
Owner Name:
G. Paterianakis SA
Vineyard Size:
16 HA
Total Annual Production:
100,000 bottles

Property History:

Everything started before 50 years where Manolis Paterianakis inherited the vineyards from his father in law, located at a fantastic semi-mountainous area of an approximate altitude of 650m, and went through organic cultivation in a period that it was almost unknown for the local society. Georgios Paterianakis, the son of Manolis, literally grown up in the vineyards of his family and he adopted in a very early age the principles of making pure and natural wines. Being a great and succeeded civil engineer he waffled back and forth of returning at his father land while at the early 90s he decided to quit a very successful career and to follow his family vision. After numerous wine trips, seminars and endless studying he managed to construct the Domaine’s winery in 1997 where the fist bottle of wine was produced. Carrying a perennial experience in civil engineering he designed a model gravity flow winery in different levels with the use of natural materials of the local environment being the first Cretan Winery with a holistic approach in winemaking and the first organic wines. Subsequently, he planted indigenous grape varieties like Vidiano and Moschato Spinas together with some famous French ones like Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. At the same time, he maintained the vineyards of his father of the famous Kotsifali, Mandilari and Thrapsathiri. In 2008 he enriched Domaine facilities with a superior Wine Tasting Hall while in 2010 four traditional luxurious suites are build in order to facilitate friends and partners during their visits. In 2010 the third generation, Emmanouela and Nicky took over the management starting a new era for the Domaine Paterianakis. New labels, such Moschato Spinas and Assyrtiko have been launched, organic vinification and biodynamic cultivation have already been adopted and been implemented, constant presence at international fairs has been established, new markets such as Germany, France, Belgium and USA have been approached and wine tourism has been worked a lot the latest years making the winery one of the distinctive in the Peza viticulturist region. The Decanter awards, which Domain wins constantly the latest years, prove this growth.

Owner History:

Emmanouela and Nicky are the soul of Domaine Paterianakis. They both running the business with the love and the passion they inherited from their traditional viticulturist family. Emmanouela is the main enologist of the Domaine since 2007 and the winery manager. She holds a degree from University of Athens and actually the department of Oenology and Drinking Technology. She has also worked as an enologist consultant in major Greek wineries at the beginning of her career while she is specialized in wine tasting being certified by the official W.S.E.T. Being an enthusiast personality she never stops exploring for new tastes. Nicky, is a chemical engineer having graduated from the famous National Technical University of Athens and apart of being the chemical consultant of the winery, since 2009 she leads all the promotion and sales for Greek market.

Wines By Paterianakis

2020 Assyrtiko ORGANIC


2019 Melissokipos Red (Crete) ORGANIC


2020 Melissokipos Red ORGANIC


2021 "Melissinos" White (Crete) ORGANIC


2018 Domaine Red (Crete) ORGANIC


2019 Vidiano (Crete) ORGANIC

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