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Laurent Lequart

Passy-Grigny is a village on the river Marne just a few kilometers to the west of Épernay which boasts a co-op that ranks with Mailly and Le Mesnil as among the elect few in Champagne. And our man M. Lequart just happens to be its President! Properly speaking, then, this producer is a Récoltant-Co-opérateur. That is to say, he delivers his grapes to the co-op which then delivers back to him a quantity of wine commensurate with them. It took us a while to fully grasp the complexities of this mechanism, and we admit to some scepticism about it, but all doubts were banished by the undeniable splendor of the wines, that have a torque and clarity of the highest order. This is a tiny domaine offering important champagnes. A recent return visit inspired us to order two new cuvées, which are due to arrive soon.
Laurent Lequart
Marne Valley
City of Origin:
Date Founded:
Owner Name:
Laurent Lequart
Vineyard Size:
11 HA
Total Annual Production:
65,000 bottles/year

Property History:

We are the 4th generation of winegrowers in the Passy-Grigny area, but only the second one for the winemaking. The first generation, were only grapes growers. This is Claude, Laurent's father, who decided when he started, to make wines. The last and current generation, is now with Laurent since 1988, and the stopped of Claude activity.

Owner History:

After having finishing his training in Avize, Laurent has created his own bran in 1987. The first harvest was made in 1988, and the first production arrived couples of months later with only 2000 bottles produced. We the time, Laurent has focused his activity on his terroir, and especially the Meunier, Emblematic grapes from the Marne Valley. Nowadays, 100% Meunier Champagnes are a part of our "DNA" but not only ... The production is also focused with small production wines, with a specific winemaking or longer ageing.

Wines By Laurent Lequart
Laurent Lequart

N.V. Blanc de Noirs, Champagne Brut Nature

Laurent Lequart

MV Prestige Pur Meunier Extra Brut

Laurent Lequart

N.V. L'Heritiere, Champagne Extra Brut

Laurent Lequart

N.V. "Blanche d'Andesyne" Rose Extra Brut

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