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Dom. de Bel Air

This estate, which dates back to 1635, represented our first foray into the iconic appellation of Pouilly-Fumé and has proved a hit. With their three distinctive soil-types dispersed through their 15 hectares of vines, almost exclusively planted to Sauvignon Blanc, they make three single-soil wines in addition to the flagship Pouilly-Fumé. Impeccably run by the ladies of the family.
Dom. de Bel Air
Female Winemaker
Pouilly Fumé
City of Origin:
Saint Andelain
Date Founded:
Owner Name:
Vineyard Size:
39 acres
Total Annual Production:
80,000 bottles

Property History:

The family have been wine growers since 1635 covering thirteen generations, with land in the heart of the Pouilly Fumé area. The parish archives before then are unclear, as the the vineyard was then very fragmented, divided between many owners, renting or working their own vineyards. The plots were very small as evidenced by the notarial acts. However, by pursuing the Sadon lineal family (maiden name of our grandmother Raymonde), we can identify a Pierre Sadon, "vigneron" in 1635 in the parish of Pouilly, followed by five successive generations of Sadon noted as "vigneron à Pouilly" in parish and municipal archives. In the early 1800, there are two generations of Sadon both "vignerons" and "pontonniers" (that is to say boatmen of the Loire) in the hamlet of Charenton, village of Pouilly. Our great-great grandfather, Louis Sadon, left Charenton to settle as a vineyard owner in le Bouchot in the late nineteenth century where he married Marie Chollet. She inherited some of her parents' various bits of vines, and together they created the current Domaine de Bel Air. Their only son André Sadon nicknamed "Riquette", born in 1900, was a great believer in the new technology of the time, especially in the vineyard work. He made great improvements to the domaine. He trainedt his son in law Lucien Mauroy and daughter Raymonde to be good winemakers. The 40's were of course marked by war and occupation and the 50s were equally difficult for the vineyard, especially in le Bouchot, which had to suffer almost annually frost or hail. It has taken a lot of courage and perseverance to survive and remain faithful to an exciting job which is subject to the vagaries of nature!

Owner History:

Gérard joined them at the end of the 1960's. With his wife Simone, he carried out a lot of modernization in the vineyard and the cellar (new tanks, thermoregulation,...) in order to keep on improving the quality of our wines. He also welcomed the new generation represented by Katia and Cedric in the mid 90s, in parallel with new plantings, diverse cultural practices (cover crops, thinning ...), an expansion of the winery, a new crush pad and tanks.. ... But modernism is well-balanced with tradition : de-budding, respect of soils, grass seeding, etc...

Wines By Dom. de Bel Air
Dom. de Bel Air

2023 Pouilly Fume 'Cuvee Riquette'

Dom. de Bel Air

2021 Pouilly Fume 'Cuvee des Acoins'

Dom. de Bel Air

2021 Pouilly Fume 'Cuvee Riquette'

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