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Ch. Carbonneau

It is many a year since we tasted a petit château Bordeaux worth its classic $10 or $11 retail price-tag, so our hearts leapt when we encountered this old-fashioned beauty seemingly caught in a commercial time-warp. Wilfrid Franc de Ferrière, despite his aristocratic-sounding French name, speaks an unaffected English with a disconcerting New Zealand twang to it (he’s married to a Kiwi). Ste. Foy is in the extreme south-eastern part of Bordeaux. In 2018, son Pierre began his assumption of control and has already made several innovations in a progressive direction. Herbicides have been replaced by mechanical weeding and insecticides eliminated in favour of pheromonal confusion. We can look forward to new cuvées in the “natural” direction.
Ch. Carbonneau
Sainte Foy
City of Origin:
Pessac sur Dordogne
Date Founded:
Owner Name:
Wilfrid and Jacquie FRANC de FERRIERE
Vineyard Size:
54.34 acres
Total Annual Production:
120,000 bottles

Property History:

Carbonneau is the name of the plot of land on which was built a lovely chateau mid 19th century. At the time it was famous for sweet white wines. After WWII production slowly shifted towards towards red wine.

Owner History:

The chateau was built by the Bachan family. Having no children, it was sold in 1938 to Harold and Claude Ray, grand parents of the current owners, Wilfrid and Jacquie Franc de Ferrière. Wilfrid and Jacquie left New Zealand in 1992 with their 4 children to develop and run the estate.

Wines By Ch. Carbonneau
Ch. Carbonneau

2019 Sequoia (Bordeaux - Ste. Foy)

Ch. Carbonneau

2019 Cuvee Classique (Bordeaux - Ste. Foy)

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