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Casal de Arman

This new discovery comes from the González family, who had been making Ribeiro wines since the 19th century, but created this winery twenty years ago. In common with the best wines of the region, their vineyards are relatively high up, keeping the acid and freshness these varieties (hand-harvested Treixadura, Godello, Loureiro, Brencellao, Caíño and Sousón) require. The installation itself is hugely impressive. A grand 18th century hacienda meticulously restored and offering spacious and luxurious accommodation and a fine restaurant. It commands the Avia River valley, with its vineyards, terraced and otherwise, on all sides. The wine-making facility is compact but well-designed, having been built into a hillside, enabling gravity-feeding for all processes. The estate is on a constant mission to expand its holdings, with the aim of eventually reaching 40 hectares (24 are planted at present). They are particularly interested in older plots, some of which feature destroyed terraces that they are laboriously rebuilding. But they also do not shrink from uprooting wooded parcels, especially if they are planted to the dreaded mimosa, which has such an inimical effect on the vineyards. A spirit of exploration prevails, with compelling experiments in orange and amphora wines.
Casal de Arman
Ribeiro do Avia
City of Origin:
Date Founded:
Vineyard Size:
20 HA
Total Annual Production:
200,000 bottles

Property History:

Casal de Armán was founded in the late 1990's by the González family, who have been making Ribeiro wines since the 19th century. The winery property is an 18th century court, located in San Andres, Ribadavia Ourense, in Northwest Spain, Galicia, with an old manor house that has been converted into a country hotel. A family owned winery with 50 acres of its own vineyards in the historic valley of the river Avia, D.O. Ribiero. The Vineyards are terraced along the Avia's river banks with heights ranging from 650-1500 feet above sea-level. Terraces include previously abondoned "socalcos", some over 100 years old, which the family is in the process of recovering.

Owner History:

The Gonzalez-Vazquez brothers and sisters all work at the winery as winemaker, salesmen, restaurant management, etc. Together they own almost 50 acres of vineyards. This family is dedicated to cultivating indigenous varietals like White Treixadura, Godello, Loureira, Caino, and Souson.

Wines By Casal de Arman
Casal de Arman

2018 Eira dos Mouros Red

Casal de Arman

2018 Eira dos Mouros White (Ribeiro)

Casal de Arman

2017 Eira dos Mouros White (Ribeiro)

Casal de Arman

2016 Red (Ribeiro)

Casal de Arman

2016 Eira dos Mouros White (Ribeiro)

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