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Rather like VAENI in Naoussa, Zoinos is a high-quality co-operative winery that enables the myriad growers of Epirus, a fabled district in Greece’s northerly Ionian region, to gather their forces and offer to the world the unique joys of their steep, high-altitude calcareous vineyards. In a universe of tiny holdings such as this, it makes great sense for the co-operative principle to hold sway. The exceptional results are there for all to see.
City of Origin:
Zitsa, Ioannina
Date Founded:
Owner Name:
brothers Aristides and Eustatius Stathios Spanos
Vineyard Size:
210 HA
Total Annual Production:

Property History:

EPIRUS – The Apiros Chora (meaning infinite land) as it was once known because of its size and the magnificence of its landscape – present not only a rich history but also a tradition full of wine. At Zoinos Winery this tradition lively remains waiting for the wine lovers to consume the wine of Zitsa. In 2006 the winery separated from the Agricultural Union of Ioannina, creating Zoinos Winery, as we know it today. Since then, the company has made several investments in order to upgrade the winery facilities, established a new branch in the city of Ioannina and participates in viticultural research programs for the identification of the native varieties from Epirus, in cooperation with the Universities of Ioannina, Crete and the Institute of Wine. New vineyards, 130 acres cultivated by Zoinos, planted with the indigenous varieties of Zitsa and at the same time, reviving some of the rarest indigenous varieties from Epirus, by producing wines rooted in an organic logic and representative of their terroirs.

Owner History:

History of the property

Wines By Zoinos

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