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Xavier Frissant

We shall be eternally grateful to Vincent Raimbault for introducing us to his friend in the village of Mosnes – one of only two vignerons making it their home!. This fellow is a star.
Xavier Frissant
Touraine Amboise
City of Origin:
côtes de la Commune de Mosnes.
Owner Name:
Isabelle & Xavier Frissant
Vineyard Size:
66.69 acres

Property History:

Our vineyards encompass 5 different lieux-dits , spread out over 2 terroirs : -Our clay and silicate soils are rich in flints. Thes soils make up the parcels we call Frênes, Pierres et de la Touche. -Silt and sand soils can be found in our Hauts- Noyers and Clos du Verger parcels. Each grape is planted in the terroir that allows for maximum expression of complexity for the grape. We have land in the following areas-- : - L'AOC Touraine Amboise, wheere we have planted Chenin for the whites, allowing for delicate and yet rich wines, and in red the Côt where structure, finesse, and ageability are paramount. - L'AOC, TOURAINE shows off the Sauvignon blanc expressing the minerality of our terroir. For many years now we have also grown an old variety,« Fié Gris », from an old strain of Sauvignon. It is characteristically rich, unctous, and floral, while remaining surprisingly delicate. We work in a sustainable and responsible way,and intervene in the vineyard solely in extreme situations of climactic risk. This avoids harming the ecosystem and the lives of men.In the cave we adapt our vinification according to the needs of the terroir and the grape to maximize their elegance and structure.. We work carefully with a tractor along the row, in such a way as to favor biodiversity in our parcels. we maintain grass and weeds in the rows to limit erosion, and to keep the vigor of the vine in control to prevent to high a yeild, but mow regularly to keep it under control. We practice green harbvesting as necessary depending on the size of the crop. Everything is done with an eye towards acheiving a healthy crop.

Owner History:

The FRISSANT estate has passed from father to son for eight generations.

Wines By Xavier Frissant
Xavier Frissant

2011 'Renaissance' (Touraine-Amboise)

Xavier Frissant

M' de la Touche 2014

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