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Vincent Raimbault

No explorer in search of El Dorado ever experienced the thrill we did on discovering this property . Jaded over the years by a succession of uninteresting Vouvrays, we called “Eureka” on tasting this beautiful line-up. Vincent Raimbault is a disarmingly quiet and modest man, but his wines bespeak exceptional seriousness. Their hallmark is beauty and purity of fruit, and faith in tradition. The enthusiasm with which they have been embraced by our customers shows that our excitement was well placed.
Vincent Raimbault
City of Origin:
Date Founded:
Owner Name:
Vincent Raimbault
Vineyard Size:
39.5 acres
Total Annual Production:
8500 cases

Property History:

Two families, the Raimbault and Boucher families. are behind the Domaine de la Robinière. The paternal great grand father of Vincent Raimbault, acquired, en 1904, the house and the winery/cave situated at la Robinière. The great grand mother of Vincent Raimbault, owned the vines. Her son, Désiré Boucher, bought the house and the cave called "La Vallée du Vau" in December 1928.

Owner History:

Vincent Raimbault took over in 1980. He developed sales at the Domaine, first from the "La Robinière" cave, then at the "La Vallée du Vau". He particpated in wine fairs in France and in Belgium. Since 1989, he has exported his wines, principally in Great Britain, the US, Canada, and Belgium. His son, Julien, began working with him in September, 2009.

Wines By Vincent Raimbault
Vincent Raimbault

2018 Vouvray Sec 'Bel Air'

Vincent Raimbault

2018 Vouvray Demi-Sec 'Les Terrages'

Vincent Raimbault

N.V. Vouvray Brut

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