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Vignobles Bardet

The Bardet family has built up a significant stable of four St. Emilion Grand Cru estates in the last century, totalling 55 hectares, plus one in the adjoining Côtes de Castillon. Family patriarch Philippe is an influential figure in the region, as he heads up the technical commission of the St. Emilion Wine Council, with responsibility for terroir and sustainable development. His two older sons, Paul Arthur and Thibault, work by his side and are poised to take over when Paul and his wife Sylvie decide to retire.
Vignobles Bardet
Côtes de Castillon

Property History:

History of the property

Owner History:

History of the property

Wines By Vignobles Bardet
Vignobles Bardet

1998 Lideyre (Castillon - Cotes de Bordeaux) [3/1500]

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