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This must be one of the world’s great wine co-operatives, on a par with La Chablisienne, the Wachau’s Freie Weingärtner and the Produttori di Barbaresco. The vast majority of Naoussa’s growers have tiny holdings. Only 20 or so grow enough grapes to contemplate making a living from them. Most of the rest sell them to this exemplary organization, which offers a degree of technical and marketing expertise that is quite remarkable.
Marina, Trilofos, Fitia, Naoussa and other small subregions of the city of Naoussa
City of Origin:
Date Founded:
Owner Name:
Vineyard Size:
494 acres
Total Annual Production:
2,000,000 Bottles

Property History:

The Co-operative was inaugurated in 1983 but the winery was actually built in 1984 and the first commercial vintage took place during that year. A desire for increased production was one of the reasons that led to the establishment of the Co-operative, which could act as a counterbalance for private companies. In 1984, the most radically designed winery in the Balkans was built at record speed, due to the hard work of its members and support from the government. The Co-operative originally counted 330 members that grew 65% of the grapes in the Naoussa viticultural zone. The aim was to ensure better income for farmers whose single variety was Xinomavro. New, up-to-date wine making technology combined with age-old tradition have created the V.Q.P.R.D. wines: Naoussa, Naoussa Reserve, and Naoussa Grande Reserve Meanwhile, research was in progress for production of new wines made from Xinomavro. This is how the Rose wine was created, which won distinction within the following year and was awarded first prize in the 9th European Salon of Wine. After trial-and-error research on vinification methods, we spotted that Xinomavro was ideally suited to making white wines bearing excellent characteristics and in 1992 Imeros White was launched in the market. In 1994, having one of the best vintages on record, we produced Damaskinos V.Q.P.R.D. wine, aged in new French oak barrels with high toasting. This particular wine gains most favourable comments, wins distinction in Germany at the PROWEIN FAIR in 2000 and receives the silver medal at the International Wine Fair of Thessaloniki in 2004. Then the time comes for Dogmatikos White, sourced from Xinomavro, fermented at very low temperature (8-10oC) with the use of special wine yeast starter cultures. A wine full of character and class. Meanwhile, new cultivars are planted by our vine growers, such as Roditis, Syrah and Merlot. As a result, the Co-op enriches its range of wines produced. In 2001 and 2003 the company releases Syrah 2000 Regional Wine of Macedonia and Imeros Red Regional Wine of Macedonia respectively. Imeros Red is sourced from 50% Xinomavro and 50% Syrah and has taken up a significant share of the market. Experimental programmes definitely do not stop here and, taking into consideration the market trends, we make efforts to produce wines that will satisfy customers' tastes.

Owner History:

Every 4 years in the past and every 5 now, elections are held and the new board of members is elected. Then, they vote among them to elect the new president. Mr Fountoulis Georgios has been elected as the President of VAENI NAOUSSA for the last 4 consecutive elections.

Wines By VAENI

2018 Naoussa (Xinomavro)

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