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I have admired this house since encountering a delicious 1976 vintage on an early visit to Champagne. The holdings are all in the villages of Moussy and Pierry, just south of Épernay and just above the start of the Côte des Blancs. Their spacious buildings are testimony to the scale of their former operations. Now they are content to sell off the majority of their grapes to other houses while retaining the best for themselves, all of which are Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Production is now down to a scant 50,000 bottles a year, and they show no hurry to sell anything! One of the attractions is their considerable library of old vintages for sale, including the Mathusalems of 1990, of which we always seem to sell out!

R. Renaudin


R. Renaudin
Coteaux Sud Epernay
City of Origin:
Date Founded:
Owner Name:
Mr. Dominique Tellier
Vineyard Size:
12 HA
Total Annual Production:
20,000 bt/year

Property History:

Time Honoured Renown: the Renaudin family, successors to the prestigious lineage of the "Seigneur des Conardins", Pierre Comte de Failly since 1724.Production of Quality Champagne, with larges reserves : the cellars of the Champagne house Renaudin hold 4 years of stock which come solely from our vineyards. These cover 24 hectares (58 acres) and they are located on the most covoted slopes of Epernay and the Côte des Blancs. Quality : this starts from the time of harvesting right up the moment of labelling. This is all done in the pure champagne tradition. Thanks to its structure, vineyards, and production capacity, Champagne Renaudin is among the finest middle-sized properties (after the large Champagne Houses). The Renaudin signature is a pledge to customers and friends, alike. The Renaudin family takes the head of this historic champagne Estate after Pierre Louis, Comte de Failly since 1724, who belong to the prestigious Seigneurs des Conardins. The spirit or R.Renaudin champagne is to let time take its course. The vinyards located on the south of Epernay’s hills are worked in a way that respects nature and is based on a sustainable viticulture. Their wines are mainly blended with Chardonnay Premier Cru and Millesimes of over 10 years of age, keeping all their freshness thanks to a specific winemaking process. Their characer is expressed though the strikingly fruity and mature aromas, as well as the delicacy of their effervescence and their distinctive bottling : a singularity in the Champagne region.

Owner History:

In 1777, the last lord, " Seigneur Pierre Louis de Failly, Chevalier, Vicomte de Vinay, Seigneur de Moussy, des Conardins, des Grelets, la Neuveille, Chouilly, Vicomte de Vrigny et Coulommes, Baron de Gueux, Seigneur de Montmarsant, Feuillet et Chevalier de l'Ordre Royal et Militaire de Saint-Louis ". abandoned his military career and devoted himself entirely to the management of his estates and vineyards. Exiled in 1791, he died in Liège in 1792. The Château des Conardins was sold in December 1797 as property of the state. It was devastated and destroyed, probably by fire. At the Domaine des Conardins, a vestige of this bygone age, the tradition of its illustrious lords is maintained year after year by vinifying the fruit of its harvests, laid to rest in its cellars. Derived from the book :"Historv of a family from Lorraine"by Geoffroy de Failly. Henri de Failly was born on December 14, 1670 at the Château de Givron, and died at the Château de Vinay on May 5, 1756.Their children were: a/ Marie-Françoise-Claire de Failly, born in 1720. b/ Barbe de Failly, born in 1723. c/ Pierre-Louis, who follows hereunder.d/ Suzanne-Rose de Failly, born in 1727. Pierre-Louis will, dated August 26, 1827, indicates that for his part, he received 4436 francs of 3% annuity. This must-have represented one-fifth of his mother's estate. Eight children were born of this marriage: a/ Achille-Henri, who follows. b/ Emilie-Françoise de Failly, born in 1755 c/ Adélaide-Barbe de Failly, born in Vrigny in 1756. d/ Alexandre- François-Jacques- Guy- Aldon de Failly, born at the Château des Conardins on December 6, 1760. e/ Auguste-Claude-Bernard de Failly, born in 1763. f/ Jeanne-Rose de Failly, born in 1759. g/ Pierre-Louis Marie. Dominique TELLIER RENAUDIN ensure the permanence of domain.

Wines By R. Renaudin
R. Renaudin

N.V. Brut Reserve

R. Renaudin

2005 Brut Nature Blanc de Blancs Lot 54

R. Renaudin

1990 " Reserve Speciale" Brut Mathusalem [1/6000]

R. Renaudin

2009 "L'Espiègle" Brut Blanc de Blancs 1er Cru

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