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Patrice Colin

From a little-known satellite to the north of the Loire region, not far from Tours, comes this super practitioner of old vines Chenin Blanc (and Pineau d’Aunis), offering us yet another expression of this most miraculous of white grapes. The soils boast a lot of flint (rather like parts of Sancerre and Pouilly Fumé). They have 20 parcels spread over 30 hectares, all of which are laboriously worked ten times a year. Colin attributes the dependable acidity, even in hot years, to this practice.
Patrice Colin
Côteaux du Vendômois
City of Origin:
Thoré la Rochette
Date Founded:
Owner Name:
Patrice Colin
Vineyard Size:
61.75 acres
Total Annual Production:
150,000 bottles

Property History:

This estate has been passed from father to son for 8 generations.It was Emilien Colin in 1900 who developed the direct sale of wine and contributed to the enlargement of the estate with 6 hectares of vineyards and 2 plow horses.Today the estate extends over 25 hectares of vines, some of which are centenarians. The estate is located in the town of Thore la Rochette where Rochambeau, the commander of French troops during the American War of Independence , most importantly at the deciding battle of Yorktown in 1781, is buried. So yes, if you like "Hamilton," this is your wine.

Owner History:

Patrice took over the estate in 1982 after specialized studies in the vineyard and wine. He enlarged the estate considerably and quickly oriented it towards organic farming. Patrice also created the winegrowers union of the Vendômois and was instrumental in the creation of the appellation Côteaux du Vendômois

Wines By Patrice Colin
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