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Crete is the largest island in the Mediterranean, which means that it offers marked climatic, geographical and even cultural differences within its expansive bounds. The wines of Chania on the western side of the isle diverge markedly from those of Heraklion, making the inclusion in our range of a second producer quite logical. The brothers Pateromichelakis are essentially two local olive farmers speaking the thick Cretan dialect who happen to make wine – but WHAT wine it is! We were especially impressed by the reds here, above all those made from autochthonous varieties.
City of Origin:
Owner Name:
Yiannis and Manos Pateromihelakis

Property History:

They own 5ha of organically farmed vineyards in Kissamos region of western Chania. The majority of grapes are coming from the vineyard “Domata (Tho-ma-ta) at an altitude of 300 metres overlooking the Aegean sea and benefiting from the north cool breezes which help in perfect ripening conditions and retaining acidity in the grapes. The winery is producing wines from Romeiko, Mavrotragano and Assyrtiko grapes.

Owner History:

Pateromihelakis “π” Winery is a newly founded winery with a long family tradition in viticulture, winemaking and in organic olive oil making. The family was a very important wine making producer in the western part of Crete until the second world war. Yiannis and Manos, the twin brothers of the family, decided in 2005 to revive the legacy and started experimental vinifications of Romeiko, the most significant indigenous grape variety of Chania prefecture, and also Mavrotragano, a very important black variety of the Cyclades.

Wines By Pateromichelakis

2022 Romeiko

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