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The sleepy village of Charly on the very western frontier of Champagne, is home to a number of interesting producers, none more than this newly-discovered house. It was formed by the union of the two eponymous families in 1968, five years after they had joined together with other growers to form a co-operative in Charly. They remain members to this day, though the majority of their grapes are vinified in their own impressive facilities. Proprietors Laurent and Christine took over in 2000 and have always had a brisk trade on the domestic market, particularly with private customers. WineWise is actually their first American customer, and proud to be bringing their thoughtful range of diverse wines to the California market. The family, including the three children, are all keen amateur musicians – a fact reflected in the names of all their cuvées. The domaine covers 8.2 hectares of vines, which average 40 years of age, including a small plot around the house dedicated to three arcane varieties, called the Clos du Montdorin. The wines undergo systematic malolactic fermentation, and aging en tirage is longer than the average. We were impressed by the finesse and incisiveness across the board.. This is a house that exemplifies the strides being made by ambitious growers in the new era. We now have in stock a significantly increased assortment, so impressive are the current wines. They have divided their range into two lines : the “Classique”, made from the three Pinots, and “Cépages d’Autrefois”, which are based on or include the archaic varieties of Arbanne, Petit Meslier and Pinot Blanc. It should be noted that tragedy befell the family in the summer of 2018 when Laurent succumbed to illness at the unthinkable age of 45. Christine has taken over the reins and is showing great determination and optimism. This new assortment is testimony to her success.
Female Winemaker
Marne Valley
City of Origin:
Date Founded:
officially in 1973
Owner Name:
Christine Leguillette
Vineyard Size:
19.76 acres
Total Annual Production:
40,000 bottles

Property History:

Léguillette Romelot has almost 20 acres of vines planted, all in and around the village of Charly-sur-Marne. The average age of the vines is 40 years. Principal grapes : Meunier (60%), Chardonnay (25%) and Pinot Noir (5%). Additional grapes planted : Petit Meslier, Arbanne et Pinot Blanc, which are planted in the Clos du Mont Dorin, from whence comes a blend composed entirely of these permitted but unusual varieties...the 2015 vintage has yet to be released. Terroir argilo-calcaire : ce sol développe toutes les caractéristiques du Pinot Meunier, connu pour offrir des vins gourmands et généreux. Vinification : en cuves inox thermo-régulées - stockage en cuves époxy. Respect de l’environnement : Laurent a fait le choix d’une viticulture “propre” depuis de nombreuses années maintenant. Aujourd’hui l’ensemble de l’exploitation est enherbé et travaillé de façon mécanique, en utilisant le moins possible de produits chimiques. En 2019, nous serons, normalement, certifiés « Haute Valeur Environnementale » (H.V.E.) et « Viticulture Durable en Champagne » (VDC)

Owner History:

1705 The Romelot family, farmers in the region of l’Aisne, plant their first vines next to their other crops, and soon begin selling the grapes. 1963 The two families Léguillette and Romelot join with other growers to create a cooperative for pressing grapes and another for making wine. 1968 The marriage of M. Léguillette and de Melle Romelot brings their families together, and soon after the production of Champagne under the name Léguillette-Romelot began to be considered... 1973 The Champagne LEGUILLETTE André became Champagne LEGUILLETTE-ROMELOT 2000 The son of André Léguillette and Marie-France Romelot, Laurent took over the reins of the house of Champagne Léguillette-Romelot à Charly-sur-Marne, assisted by his wife, Christine. June 30th, 2018, M. Laurent LEGUILLETTE passed away. Christine, with the help of her team, took over the running of the estate.

Wines By Léguillette-Romelot

"Cepages d'Autrefois "Blanc de Blancs Brut


N.V. "Prelude" Extra Brut


N.V. "Cepages d'Autrefois" Brut


2009 "Notes Noires" Brut


N.V. "Triolet" Extra Brut

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