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Freiherr von Gleichenstein

This is a 500 year-old estate with monastic origins currently run by the young and dynamic Johannes von Gleichenstein, who impishly calls his top wine “Baron Philipp”, on the grounds that they are a noble family and Philipp is his son’s name. One suspects that he would welcome a lawsuit from the Rothschilds of Bordeaux, with all its attendant publicity! However, even without that, the wines are deserving of attention, offering fidelity to their soils and very good value.
Freiherr von Gleichenstein
Baden - Kaiserstuhl
City of Origin:
Oberrotweil im Kaiserstuhl
Owner Name:
Johannes Freiherr von Gleichenstein
Vineyard Size:
50 HA
Total Annual Production:
350,000 bottles

Property History:

All the virtues of Schneider’s Weiler Schlipf Spätburgunder are rendered here in a form that is simply a little finer and richer. Vibrant, suave and stylish Pinot Noir with the rooty qualities that one hopes for from the grape and a degree of concentration that commands attention.

Owner History:

Already from his childhood on Johannes Freiherr von Gleichenstein was accompanied by the topic winegrowing. He grew up at the Kaiserstuhl winery and it was a duty for him and his siblings to work for the company. At the same time it was a good opportunity to earn an extra income in addition to their pocket money. Thus, as an adolescent he discovered his love for working in and with nature and his enthusiasm for the product wine which requires much care, attention, patience and fostering. At the age of sixteen he was certain that he wanted to do something with wine as a profession. Following his high school graduation Johannes Freiherr von Gleichenstein completed an apprenticeship as a winegrower. After that he studied oenology at Geisenheim. Following a wine cellar internship he underwent a training as state-certified technician for viticulture and cellaring. In 2002 he and his wife, Christina Freifrau von Gleichenstein, took over Weingut Freiherr von Gleichenstein from his father, Hans-Joachim Freiherr von Gleichenstein, in the eleventh generation. As far as wine is concerned, the 44 years old sets high importance in quality. For that he invests as well in professional wine training and advice as in cellar technology in order to age the wine as gentle and near-natural as possible. ‘I am convinced that a winery of our size and with our structure can only survive in the long run if it stands out because of highest quality’, says Freiherr Johannes von Gleichenstein. ‚Furthermore, I am my most demanding critic and my own wine must also meet my personal taste. Therefore the quality must be right‘, he adds with a smile. Up to date the Kaiserstuhl wines have a low degree of international recognition. With premium products from their own winery Johannes and Christina von Gleichenstein want to change that in the future. Christina Freifrau von Gleichenstein is responsible for marketing, human resources management and administration at the winery. The skilled legal assistant is a member of Vinissima, Frauen und Wein e.V. and since 2014 she is also a local councillor at Oberrotweil. The couple lives at the winery with their two sons.

Wines By Freiherr von Gleichenstein
Freiherr von Gleichenstein

2021 Pinot Noir Rosé trocken (Kaiserstuhl)

Freiherr von Gleichenstein

2016 Grauer Burgunder Hofgarten trocken

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