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Fragas do Lecer

Monterrei’s distinction as a D.O. lies partly in its prevailing granitic soils, but also in its climate, which features extreme diurnal temperature ranges, that can reach 30 degrees Celsius in the dog days of summer. There are but 25 estates in the appellation, and ours is one of the best. Young scion Esteban Boo-Riveiro is the well-schooled and impassioned winemaker. Vineyard practices are essentially organic, production from the estate’s 10 hectares very limited.
Fragas do Lecer
City of Origin:
Vilaza, Galicia
Date Founded:
Vineyard Size:
18 HA
Total Annual Production:
2000 cases

Property History:

Fragas do Lecer located in Vilaza, Galiciasits along sire the Tàmega river. the winery was founded in 2005 by the Boo-Rivero family, winegrowers with a history of over 30 years committment toward ground indigineous varietals. The vinyards total 25 acres, in 28 different estate vineyards. This diversity results in various soil types, granite based, sandy, and slate offering great complexity to the wines. Th Tamaguelos estate has over 10 acres of Godello and Mencia vines that are over 30 years old. In addition, they also have some of the oldest Godello and Mencia vines in the region, over 50 years.

Owner History:

The BooRivero family founded Fragas do Lecer in 2005.

Wines By Fragas do Lecer
Fragas do Lecer

2022 Fraga do Corvo White "Sobra Lias"

Fragas do Lecer

2021 Fraga do Corvo White (Monterrei)

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