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I passed through Ribeira Sacra a good fifteen years ago, and was captivated by the beautiful vineyards perched high above the Miño River, and the ethereal perfume of the Mencia grape in my glass. So I was thrilled to be back again in 2015. My host was Rubén Moure, who works with small plots of old vines, using cool fermentations to extract maximum fruit from both white grapes and Mencia. He inherited vineyards from his grandfather, but has only had the winery in Pantón since 2008. This is a producer with interesting collaborations in other areas and a lot of ambition. But we are impressed by their paramount concentration on quality as an orientation.

Finca Cuarta


Finca Cuarta
Ribeira Sacra
City of Origin:
Date Founded:
Owner Name:
Ruben Moure Fernandez
Vineyard Size:
10 HA
Total Annual Production:
10,000 cases

Property History:

Located about 80 kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean, it is among Spain’s coolest and moistest wine growing regions. The area’s gravity-defying terraced vineyards were first built by the Romans over 2,000 years ago. After the Romans, the monks settled in, took over wine production, and the area became known as Ribeira Sacra — “Holy River Bank” in Spanish. Formally recognized in 1996, Ribeira Sacra is the only Galician D.O. dedicated primarily to red wine production, specializing in the Mencía grape. Owing to the cultivation technique, the soil, and the micro-climate, the Mencía produced here are lighter, livelier, more aromatic and flavour-intense compared with those from other regions, such as D.O. Bierzo. However, production is very limited and expensive because the difficult terrain makes it impossible to mechanize many aspects of viticulture. Indeed, cultivation is restricted to the river banks by the D.O! Indeed, this mountain viticulture is commonly known as “Heroic Viticulture”.

Owner History:

Rubén Moure is the oenologist and the owner of the winery Prior de Pantón S.L. He has been always related with wine. After having inherited from his grandfather vineyards of Mencía and Godello located in the Ribeira Sacra, he started producing wines from this region which turned to be a huge success. The result are these magnificent wines called Finca Cuarta, which express the identity of the place where they were cultivated. He is a great defender of native grape varieties in front of the foreign ones. For these reason, a few years ago he started a collaboration with growers of this area to cultivate more Mencia and Godello grapes.

Wines By Finca Cuarta
Finca Cuarta

2021 Ribeira Sacra Mencia

Finca Cuarta

2013 Ribeira Sacra Godello Barrica (6 x 750)

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