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Dom. du Banneret

We resisted for a long time the temptation to import any wines from this iconic but often under-performing appellation. It is therefore with particular pleasure and some pride that we present to you the wines of a vigneron who is as rooted in his milieu as any we have ever encountered. Jean-Claude Vidal is the uncle of Jean-Marc Espinasse (see Rouge-Bleu above). An engineer by profession, he has lovingly tended his pocket-sized domaine since inheriting it thirty years ago. A fierce traditionalist, he makes a wine that will bring tears to the eyes of any nostalgists who believe that Châteauneuf’s best days are behind it. Making just 500 cases a year, he proves that it is possible against all odds to harness the benefits of today’s climate to the aesthetic standards of yesteryear. Now, his daughter Audrey has taken the reins and brought a wave of energy to the enterprise without in any way changing the time-honoured vineyard and cellar practices. So you can continue to expect rugged, full-throated wines made from all 13 authorised varieties, patiently aged in used barriques and built to last. These are the opposite of the smoothed-out fruit-bombs that mostly pass for Châteuneuf these days.
Dom. du Banneret
Female Winemaker
Châteauneuf du Pape
City of Origin:
Châteauneuf du Pape
Date Founded:
Owner Name:
Jean-Claude, Marie-Françoise and Audrey Vidal
Vineyard Size:
Total Annual Production:
12,000 bottles/year

Property History:

The vineyards have been in family for many years. However, Domaine du Banneret has been created in 1989 when my father decided to take care of the 1.5 hectare of the remaining vines. (During few generations, the plots have been sold or shared with other families in Chateauneuf. It was really commun at this time of history).

Owner History:

Jean-Claude and Marie Françoise Vidal decided to take care of the remaining vinyeards in 1989. It was like a second life for both (vineyards and family) as Jean-Claude and Marie-François already had their jobs in Toulouse as architect and speach terapist. They took the vineyards only to give a second chance to this little plot that otherwise would have been sold outside the family. The first harvest was made in the famouse Henri Bonneau's cellar, a wine-maker, friend of the family. From then, the domaine keeps on a traditional approach, including some technology for the benefits of the wine. In 2013, Audrey joints the estate after ten years spent abroad. She is now in charge of the vineyards, winemaking and sales. In 2015, the Domaine bought few new plots, including one kept for white Chateauneuf du Pape.

Wines By Dom. du Banneret
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