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Dom. de Villargeau

This tiny appellation, which hugs both sides of the Loire as it arcs north and west after Pouilly-Fumé, musters a total of 150 hectares, most dedicated to black grapes. Twenty of them belong to this young domaine, founded by the brothers Fernand and Jean-François Thibault, in 1991. In their case, however, they concentrate on white wines, albeit they have a deft hand with Pinot Noir and Gamay. Joined in 2000 by one of their sons, Marc, a trained oenologist, they have quietly advanced to the fore and now are regarded as ambassadors for this little-known district. Since 2020, they have been certified ORGANIC.
Dom. de Villargeau
Centre Loire
City of Origin:
Date Founded:
Owner Name:
François, Marc & Yves Thibault
Vineyard Size:
Total Annual Production:
130,000 bottles/year

Property History:

In 1991 the Thibault family decided to create the "Domaine de Villargeau" on land facing south-southwest and enjoying the greatest amout of sunshine. Two brothers, Fernand and Jean-François Thibault, cleared hillsides abandonded since the phylloxera crisis in order to plant vines. The story continues when, in 2000, they were joined by one of their sons, Marc, returning to the area armed with his apprenticeship and experience in viticulture and oenology. Yves, Marc's brother has also joined the estate in 2016.

Owner History:

History of the property

Wines By Dom. de Villargeau
Dom. de Villargeau

2022 Côteaux du Giennois

Dom. de Villargeau

2021 "Les Abeilles" Côteaux du Giennois

Dom. de Villargeau

2021 Côteaux du Giennois

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