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Dom. de Grangeneuve

Long considered the leading producer of this Rhône district, Henri Bour makes wines of head-turning aromatic quality and strikingly accurate Syrah character. He also spearheaded the appellation’s change of name, in order to avoid the nuclear stigma associated with the previous appellation of Coteaux du Tricastin. After a few vintages where we thought that the estate was a little off its game, it seems to have regained its former flair and is again offering us that customary combination of purity and strength. Daughter Nathalie has taken over the commercial direction in recent years.
Dom. de Grangeneuve
AOC Grignan Les Adhemar
City of Origin:
Date Founded:
Owner Name:
Bour Family, Henri Bour
Vineyard Size:
Total Annual Production:
400,000 bottles

Property History:

History of the property

Owner History:

The Bour family originates from Lorraine. In 1870, following the annexation of Alsace- Lorraine by Prussia, the Bour family was driven out of Lorraine, and relocated to Algeria. Our family’s involvement in making wine originated from the women of the family through influences from Orsero, Italy and Rosello, Spain. Our family returned to France following Algeria’s independence in 1962, and settled in Drôme Provençale. In 1964, looking to establish his own vineyard, Henri Bour (father) brought his family to Roussas and purchased the Domaine de Grangeneuve, which at the time, consisted of oak groves and a few acres of wheat. As it turned out, Henri Bour had chosen a land of great quality. However, it was several years of clearing, ploughing, scraping, and tilling until the land was ready for the planting of the vines. It was still 3 years before the first crop, and another 7 years before Henri began to harvest quality grapes. His initial plan was to sell the wine wholesale, but Henri began selling bottles direct to customers in order to better evaluate the market for his wine. This approach was a success, and for several years the Bour family multiplied their efforts to sale through the Domaine cellar, and through vintner shows promoting the wine for regional and international sales. In 1980, following the death of Henri Bour (senior), his wife Odette and their daughters took over responsibility of the domain. They were soon joined by Henri Bour (junior), who returned from Spain to help run his family’s vineyard. The family’s wine making process has steadily improved, and now includes the process of aging the wine in oak barrels to enhance flavor. Specific grapes have been planted for the white wines, and a range of red wines has been developed, including Cotes du Rhône Villages. The Bour family legacy of vintners is now in its third generation, with Henri’s daughter Nathalie, now assuming greater responsibilities shared by her husband Gilles Hecquet.

Wines By Dom. de Grangeneuve
Dom. de Grangeneuve

2013 La Truffière (Grignan-les Adhemar)

Dom. de Grangeneuve

2013 Vieilles Vignes (Grignan-les Adhemar)

Dom. de Grangeneuve

2014 'Esprit de Grenache' (Cotes du Rhone Villages)

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