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Clos d'Audhuy

We have never been particular fans of Malbec’s expression in Cahors, but this recent discovery caused us to re-examine our prejudices. Benoit Aymard took over the small estate founded by his grandfather as recently as 2014. Previously, he served for many years as Maître de Chai for Georges Vigouroux, the man who put Cahors back on the map last century. He did not want to reinvent the wheel, so to speak, but he was interested in putting his own stamp on the family’s traditional wines. The land he inherited is already very complex geologically-speaking, and also relatively steep for the region. But he recently planted some very sparse parcels at 260 meters in elevation on limestone-rich soils dating to the Kimmeridgean era.
Clos d'Audhuy
City of Origin:
Date Founded:
Owner Name:
Benoit Aymard
Vineyard Size:
34.58 acres
Total Annual Production:
25,000 bottles/year

Property History:

This is an old family vineyard. The vineyard is planted on a varied and beautiful terroir (limestone plateau, gravel, clay…). Benoit Aymard in 2014 began to work commercially with a little part of the vineyard.

Owner History:

Berrit Aymard is Oeneoligist, he has worked for different companies in France, USA and Argentina. He specialized in Malbec and restored the family vineyard with the desire to produce quality in relation to the terroir.

Wines By Clos d'Audhuy
Clos d'Audhuy

2021 "Queue de Pressoir" (Vin de France))

Clos d'Audhuy

2021 "Les Polissons"

Clos d'Audhuy

2019 Cahors (Malbec)

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