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Ch. Landereau

It is not entirely accurate to describe this Bordeaux stalwart as “new” because Bruno Baylet was a staple of the WineWise portfolio in its early days. But it is many years since we worked with his admirable wines, so we are taking the liberty of treating him as a newcomer, as to most of you he will be one. We could not be happier to re-engage with his uncompromisingly honest and forceful wines. The estate has the French certificate of sustainability known as “Haute Valeur Environnementale”.
Ch. Landereau
Entre Deux Mers
City of Origin:
Date Founded:
Owner Name:
Bruno Baylet
Vineyard Size:
Total Annual Production:
500,000 bottles

Property History:

Bordeaux is reinventing itself and Bruno Baylet is at the forefront. Chateau Landereau bottles classic style red, white and rosé wines, made with modern techniques and vision (optimum maturity, plots selection, temperature control, inert gas and gravity are used in the winery) with recognized value. In the vineyard, reasoned and sustainable farming methods are in line with the life of the soil, the preservation of the ecosystem and the fostering of the vines. That is the reason why Château Landereau turned itselves to a the HIGH ENVIRONMENTAL VALUE certification (HVE3) and Bee Friendly label.

Owner History:

Back from Algeria, Henri Baylet and his son Michel acquired Chateau Landereau in 1959, then Chateau de l'Hoste Blanc in 1980. Established in 1988, Bruno Baylet, the third generation, now operates 80 ha in Entre-deux-Mers. The last word is for the winemaker himself : "My definition of a good wine ? Whether it is great, famous or not, a glass of good wine should call for another. It has to bring pleasure.”

Wines By Ch. Landereau
Ch. Landereau

2022 Entre Deux Mers

Ch. Landereau

2019 Bordeaux Superieur

Ch. Landereau

2016 Bordeaux Clairet

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