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Ch. Canon Chaigneau

This beautifully situated château was taken over from the long-time owners, the Marin family, by the dynamic Romik Arconian and his viticulturist partner Marine Fontana. Romik is an Anglo-Armenian gentleman of immense personal charm who came to this privileged corner of Bordeaux from a successful career as a wine merchant in Paris. He has had the wisdom and good fortune to retain the services of Louis Marin as “chef de culture”, thus ensuring continuity of practice. More importantly, the wines continue to be made by Thierry Garnaud, who was the “maître de chai” at Ch. Cheval Blanc, no less, from 1988 – 2018. He and Marin are childhood friends, and he brings to the task (his since 1995!) an unmatched pedigree and class. The viticulture is conducted according to “la lutte raisonnée”, and the estate has been accorded the accolade of “Haute Valeur Environmentale” by the French Ministry of Agriculture.
Ch. Canon Chaigneau
City of Origin:
Date Founded:
Owner Name:
Romik Arconian
Vineyard Size:
Total Annual Production:
8000-11000 cases

Property History:

Wines have been made on the Néac plateau since the Roman times, the ample advantages to making complex and delicious wines apparent to early vintners. 21 hectares of clay & limestone with iron deposits, at the highest point of the Néac plateau, and in the continuity of the most prestigious part of the Pomerol plateau, 800 meters as the crow flies, from Château Petrus. As Decanter magazine says, the plateau is, '...essentially a continuation of that of Pomerol itself, and the majority of the best crus of Lalande are found in this corner of the appellation.’

Owner History:

Romik Arconian, London born wine merchant, with his partner Marine & their young family, took over Canon Chaigneau in 2020, with the ambition of making it a leader in the appellation & whole region (though the wines were already pretty damn good!) Romik has been inthe wine business 25 years; founding Grands Crus Paris & it’s retail online store,, plus the much loved Parisian natural wine bar and shop, le Garde Robe.

Wines By Ch. Canon Chaigneau
Ch. Canon Chaigneau

2019 Lalande de Pomerol

Ch. Canon Chaigneau

2019 Cuve 8a (Lalande de Pomerol)

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