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Bodegas Proelio

Proelio is one of three wineries belonging to Javier Palacios, each dedicated to different genres : Nivarius exclusively (and most unusually) to white Rioja, Trus to Ribeira del Duero, and Proelio to red wines. The vineyards are relatively high in the Rioja Alta at 650 meters, and offer an impressive variety of soil types and inclinations. But they are generally north-facing and have an average age of 45 years. Also, unusually for the region, the wines are produced 85% from their own holdings. Farming practices are very traditional, with all the plowing done by horses. The estate is in the second year of conversion to organic certification. Fermentation via indigenous yeasts is achieved in large wooden vats, with further aging all done in increasingly large barrels and final assembly executed in concrete.
Bodegas Proelio
Rioja Alta
City of Origin:
Date Founded:
Owner Name:
Javier Palacios
Vineyard Size:
60 HA
Total Annual Production:
500,000 bottles

Property History:

The Palacios family founded Bodegas Proelio in 2012 in 30 hectares that had been in the family since the early eighties. They started a project that was based on three key elements: indigenous varietals, high elevation and vineyards North oriented

Owner History:

The Palacios family has been linked to Nalda and the finca La Asperilla since the early eighties. Although the Palacios family main business was the Chorizos Palacios, they started getting into the wine business in the early nineties, with their first winery in Rioja, Nivarius devoted only to the production of white wines and the preservation of local varieties like Maturana,Tempranillo Blanco or Malvasia. Later on the winery Trus in Ribera del Duero was added to the group and finally Proelio in the late nineties completed the trio of wineries the Palacios family owns.

Wines By Bodegas Proelio
Bodegas Proelio

2017 Rioja Vendimia Seleccionada

Bodegas Proelio

2018 Vinedos Viejos Garnacha (Rioja)

Bodegas Proelio

2017 Vinedos Viejos Garnacha

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